"Engrossing debut...Goss boldly blurs the spiritual, the secular and the supernatural - resulting in a story that, depending on how deep your faith goes, seems eerily real."  Read More. 

-Michael Popke, Madison Isthmus


"Solidly crafted and suspensefully written, The Uncommitted is the latest release from Margaret M. Goss and it proves something of a juggernaut when stacked up against other new releases in the genre. Ingenious in its plotting, colourful in its characters, taut in its narrative, Goss ably creates an atmosphere thick with dread and ambiguity..."


"The Uncommitted is a book that immediately drew me in, and kept me reading to the end. The story intersects an intriguing spiritual connection extending to beyond the present and the grave, together with the mix of everyday experiences of motherhood, marriage, and family relationships. Compelling, fascinating, faith-building, and satisfying. Looking forward to the next book!"

-Diane McHugh, Registered Nurse


"The Uncommitted has all the makings of the next The Da Vinci Code but, I think even better...a wonderful love story, mystical adventure all rolled up into one fast moving and brilliantly told story."

-Nick Chiarkas, Author,"Weepers"


"In her absorbing debut, Margaret Goss's The Uncommitted lures you into a world of faith, spirits, symbolism and a love that crosses time."

-Victoria Grundle, Editor, The Author's Assistant


"The Uncommitted is a searing portrayal of one woman's spiritual odyssey as she straddles the realms of life and death, and struggles with a God-given gift that may lead her into the sanctified realms of Heaven or the very gates of Hell." 

-Melissa Dollaghan, Political Consultant and Speechwriter


"This book is what readers are always begging for.  It has stirred so many emotions on life after this world and the ones we loved.  I was spiritually inspired along with a bit of lust.  I found myself trying to imagine what is fact or fiction.  This author touches so many feelings, especially young mothers, loving the job of mom but needing more.  Her husband is very successful, his career is flourishing and she wonders if she is left out of the picture. Through her journey, she takes us through mystery, suspense and romance while unfolding the hidden gift of communicating with the other side.  I long for the next book, I am sure it will be worth the wait."

-Sally Christie, Small Business Owner


"The Author artfully crafts her characters and tells a story rich with suspense, mystery, passion and romance.  I couldn’t put it down and found myself thinking about The Uncommitted long after the last page was turned.”

–Michelle Gormican Thompson, Owner, Thompson Communications


"An outstanding debut, eerily reminiscent of Peretti’s This Present Darkness and Matheson’s What Dreams May Come mixed in with a bit of Meyer’s Twilight, all rolled into one.”

-Christine Puzauskas, Founder/Director, Flight 33 Inc. Nonprofit


"When Josie learns of her unusual powers, she journeys from typical suburban wife and mom to pyschic medium carrying messages between life and death. Her powers eventually lead her to fear for her family, her sanity, and her life! This first novel from Margaret Goss is a compelling read, exploring themes of spirituality and family, and is impossible to put down!"

-Diana Winter, School Librarian