To My Dad, Father's Day

To My Dad, Charlie

What I wouldn’t give to have a few more moments with you
To see your face and hear your laugh
To listen to your voice and words of wisdom too
To hear you play the saxophone
Maybe a melody or two from an era now unknown
To share my children so you would see,
The continuation of your legacy
You could give to them a memory of us
A father, a daughter and how you didn’t make a fuss
But even then, I knew, through the simple things you did
You were always there for mom and all of us kids
Thank you for the honor of being your daughter all those years, 
For guiding me through hard times and helping me conquer my fears
Faith and integrity are among your qualities that I remember best
Your love of music, the written word, and gratitude for a life so well-blessed
The days in Oswego, the days in the sun, all rolled up in my memories as one
I believe in a day when we will meet at heaven’s door
To believe otherwise belies a grief I must choose to ignore
Until then, tend heaven’s garden and watch over us here
Although we can’t see you, I believe your spirit is near
Thank you dearest of fathers though now we apart
Please know forever you'll be in my heart

Meg GossComment