The Light of Day

A Prayer and Promise of Hope

In Loving Memory of the Children and the Adults murdered in Parkland and at Sandy Hook, and all those who came before

By Margaret M. Goss

February 18, 2018


No more will their smile shine light on our days

No more will we hear the sweet sound of their voice

No more will their fingers leave prints on the windowpane

No more will their laughter fill our homes and schools


We are living in a world we’ve created

And wonder how we got here

When the sun rises and their beds are empty

Never to be filled by their innocent bodies again

Complacency shall no longer be our guide

Because their memory this time will not be silent

Their friends who witnessed the unspeakable horror blasted it out to the world

The survivors are telling it far and wide


Their families will not rest in our thoughts and prayers

Mere words are hollow if not followed by action and as evil as the deed itself

So we begin our work, from this we shall not hide

And peel back the layers that have covered our eyes

Their spirits will accompany us to the challenge

And truth will illuminate our path


Their families’ heartache is too much to bear alone

We will share their sorrows and carry it upon our shoulders

We will share their anger and move it forward in our steps

We will share their tears and use them to wipe the scourge of our idolatries

That deceived us and led our children to the slaughter

We will share their pain in our hearts and use it to make a difference

Those whose voice was stolen are depending on you and me

We shall be their voice

As this is the holocaust of our generation

Surely, societies have fallen on much lesser events than these


Though we cannot bring back their light to our world

We must be the beacon to create a new way, a new life

For the when the light of day comes, we shall not have to wake this way again.